1st Time Flyer?

Not sure if you are keen on flying?
Why not book an ‘Intro Flight’ with us?
We’ll take you up for about ½ an hour, and show you the basics. We’ll even let you handle the controls! Have a look at Durban from a different perspective!

Virginia Flight School is a Fixed-Wing Flight Training Organisation situated on the Durban Coastline at Virginia Airport in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Our fixed-wing flight training programme starts with the Private Pilot Licence, which is then followed by the Night Rating. This leads onto the Commercial Pilot Licence; which can include an Instrument Rating. Additional ratings such as the Multi-Engine Rating or the Instructor Rating can be added to provide an individual with additional skills and marketability.
Once some flight experience has been gained, a pilot can then obtain the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. At Virginia Flight School we believe that we offer the right approach to fixed-wing flight training; that will meet the needs of the individual who must be able to operate in a multi-crew environment.

Our One-on-One training develops each student into a Professional Pilot who has the necessary skills to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry.