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Night Rating

The SACAA Night Rating is an additional rating that is added to your existing Private Pilot Licence. The night rating requires that the pilot has a minimum of 10 hours of Instrument training, upon completion of the rating. The instrument training must be done with an Instructor who holds a Valid Instrument Rating.

These instrument hours are done during the day under the “HOOD” in the General Flying Area. The “HOOD” restricts the pilot’s view to that of the instruments in the aircraft only.

Once you have successfully completed 6 to 7 hours of Instrument Training; you will then complete Night Circuits followed by a Night Cross-Country exercise.

 As soon as you have completed the syllabus for the Night Rating your instructor will recommend you for Testing with a Grade II Flight Instructor.

Should you require a quotation or any other information for the Night Rating, please feel free to use our contact form

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